Winners 2016 5. Brilliant execution

  • GOLD

    TUTKOVBUDKOV Creative Agency
    OK GO — Upside Down & Inside Out #GravitysJustAHabit
    S7 Airlines
    Music Video
    Transport & Tourism
    Creative Director
    Dima Tutkov (TUTKOVBUDKOV)
    Agency Producer
    Oleg Barinboim (TUTKOVBUDKOV)
    Account Manager
    Sergei Polyakov (TUTKOVBUDKOV)
    Damian Kulash (OK GO)
    Trish Sie (OK GO)
    Line Producer
    Vladimir Sigalov (ProFilm Studio)
    Director of Photography
    Evgeny Ermolenko (ProFilm Studio)
    Ena Shilyaeva (TUTKOVBUDKOV)
    Art Director
    Dmitry Kostuchenko (TUTKOVBUDKOV)
    Nikolay Ivanov (TUTKOVBUDKOV)
    Post Production
    Joe DiSanto, Margaret Ward, Meg Ramsay, Bob Curreri, Wren Waters, Rachel Moorer, & Geoff Stephenson?? (Therapy Studios)
    Brief description: S7 Airlines is a brand with the mission to inspire people to chase their dreams, and to provide them the means to do so. OK GO is a band with the most improbable dreams. The agency has brought the two together, seeing them as a perfect match, and proceeded with a lyric from the band's latest single, “Gravity is just a habit”, as the motto for the ambitious branded content music video that was intended to be shot entirely in zero gravity aboard a reduced gravity aircraft. The video is a testament to the limitless power of dreams and imagination. Because there is nothing you cannot challenge — even the basic concepts. Even gravity. The agency’s creative concept for the campaign saw the band enacting their signature dancing routine in zero gravity aboard an astronaut training aircraft made to resemble a commercial S7 Airlines plane. Over the course of 3 weeks, the band and crew performed 21 flights for a total of two hours and fifteen minutes in weightlessness. The Russian Cosmonaut Training Center provided the cosmonaut training staff as well as Ilyushin 76 MDK plane. The actual scenes that made it to the final video were shot during parabolic maneuvers of the plane. The longest period of weightlessness it was possible to achieve in these circumstances was 27 seconds long, and after each period of weightlessness it took about five minutes for the plane to recover and prepare for the next round. Because the creators wanted the video to be a single, uninterrupted routine, the crew shot continuously over the course of eight consecutive weightless periods. The action and the music were paused during the non-weightless periods, and these "waiting sections" were eventually cut out, with each transition smoothed over with a morph during post production.
  • GOLD

    Alive Memory.jpg
    Friends Moscow
    Alive memory
    Google Russia
    It is an image campaign to establish local relevance for Google
    Creative Director
    Arina Avdeeva (FRIENDS MOSCOW)
    Account director
    Daria Davydova (FRIENDS MOSCOW)
    Alya Lugovaya (FRIENDS MOSCOW)
    Digital Producers
    Peter Fomichev (FRIENDS MOSCOW)
    Art Director
    Dmitry Maseykin (FRIENDS MOSCOW)
    Art Director
    Alexander Zavatskiy (FRIENDS MOSCOW)
    Andrey Popov (FRIENDS MOSCOW)
    Digital Art Director, UX Designer, Designer.
    David A Ljungberg (Friends Moscow)
    Digital Producer, Technical Architect, UX Architect.
    Yuri S Zalvovsky (Friends Moscow)
    Creative Director Google Russia
    Marco Cremona (Google Russia)
    Head of B2C-marketing Google Russia
    Natalya Nesmachnaya (Google Russia)
    B2C-marketing manager Google Russia
    Ivan Girba (Google Russia)
    PR-manager Google Russia
    Ekaterina Kondratieva (Google Russia)
    Victor Gorbachev (Stereotactic (Video-production))
    Egor Protsko (Stereotactic (Video-production))
    Producer Natalia
    Natalia Urchenko (Stereotactic (Video-production))
    Sound Engineer
    Pavel Zarenov (Stereotactic (Video-production))
    Film Editor
    Aleksey Orlov (Stereotactic (Video-production))
    Vadim Kolosov (Stereotactic (Video-production))
    Aleksandr Turkunov (Stereotactic (Video-production))
    Konstantin Sorokin (Bakehouse Production)
    Willem Rabe  (Bakehouse Production)
    Design and Animation
    Ruslan Idiatov (Bakehouse Production)
    Kostya Duffus (Bakehouse Production)
    Brief description: Problem: World War II – the Great Patriotic War – has affected nearly every family in Russia. And in the span of it, nearly 6 billion letters were sent home from the frontlines. Still, there exists no common, public database that would collect and catalogue them.