Björn Ståhl - star of the Communication Summit


Imagine you are dining in a new trendy restaurant with a well-known Michelin chef. This place is super hype. It is supposed to be open for only a few weeks, you are lucky you managed to get a reservation. You are enjoying your meal… and the staff is enjoying the look on your face when they tell you that they bought all the ingredients in Lidl! This is exactly what Björn Ståhl, one of the speakers of the 2018 Communication Summit, did a few years back. His agency INGO had the task to convince Swedes that good food does not have to be expensive.


It didn’t stop at that. Lidl also responded with the wit to a negative comment on Facebook that questioned the origin of its milk. Instead of a polite response, Lidl produced a limited edition of milk with the portrait of the post author on the box. And for everyone to believe the good quality of its products, Lidl also organized a giant banquet, which copied the ongoing Nobel Prize ceremony. The chain gave the public a royal experience and delicious content to the media – while still only using its "cheap" food.


"We did not know until the very last minute whether it would work at all," says Creative Director Björn Ståhl about his campaign The Swedish Numb, which received worldwide recognition. Find out more about him in his interview for Marketing & Media... and even more on May 30th at the 2018 Communication Summit in Prague. Go with your colleagues for a discounted group admission.


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