PIAF: The worst promo video ever


We made a promo video for PIAF. Fully in line with the current concept of the campaign - "not #PIAF enough".

"This communication concept offers the opportunity to make a jerk out of yourself in the name of a good cause. There’s no way we couldn’t do it," says PIAF Director Marek Hlavica.

The video was made in a low-cost style, the kick is that you really want to see yourself in it. All those involved had to lower their professional requirements and judgment. And they say it can’t be done.

We hereby thank Radoslav Penk, the video editor of, for properly grasping the production of our epic film. The trailer is available here. Watch the full video here.


PIAF 2018 is held under the auspices of Prague's mayor - Adriana Krnáčová.