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May 23rd-24th 2017

piaf conference

The topics of this year’s conference are set. We are now working on a detailed program of 8th year. The first day will be once again devoted to sports marketing. This time we will focus on the creation of brands in this field, their value, how they can be used. Also how to associate brands of sponsoring companies with sports, the forms of use from storytelling to the activation of customers and fans. We will also discuss the possibilities and limits of influencers and new trends not only in digital. This year PIAF will propose workshops on both days. And of course the Shots in the Dark – a free evening for students and marketing aficionados. Following last year’s great success, the party will be held at the club Avion.

We are looking forward to meeting you at PIAF 2017 on May 23 - 24.  


PIAF 2017 is held under the auspices of Prague's mayor Adriana Krnáčová.