Brian Cox Vlogger and Digital Media Specialist

First and foremost, Brian is a traveler always looking to discover new places and people.  His desire to see our planet has taken him to over 50 countries and living in Spain, Costa Rica, Colombia and Australia.  In dire need of finding funds to continue traveling, he decided to create short informative travel videos to help fellow travelers.  In the past five years his video blog, The Travel Vlogger, has taken him to places he never would have imagined, meeting prime ministers, Michelin star chefs and creating social media campaigns for major companies in the tourism industry.  Most recently he has completed projects with Czech Tourism and Visit Spain.  With +65K followers on social media and a monthly reach of 1-2 Million and growing, he is a social influencer for all things travel.

Follow Brian on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube: @TheTravelVlogger

TOPIC: Influencing Social Media

Brian will discuss what a modern social influencer is, how to approach social influencers, how to become influential and how to reach your audience. He will use his campaigns with CzechTourism and Visit Spain as an example and introduce his new project for which he will bike across the Czech Republic to create a new internet travel video series.


PIAF 2017 is held under the auspices of Prague's mayor Adriana Krnáčová.

Conference SPORT 2017 is held under the auspices of Chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee - Jiří Kejval.