Daniel Strejc Producer
(Czech Republic)

He studied law at the Charles University as well as production at FAMU, but didn’t finish the first of the two. He made his first steps as a film producer with Ondrej Sokol’s debut Krasno, followed by Jan Hřebejk’s comedy Zakazane uvolneni. He repeated his collaboration with Peter Kolecek, who wrote the script for Zakazane uvolneni, working with him on Vojetch Kotek’s successful winter comedy Padesatka. Since 2016 he is the Content Director of the Internet television OBBOD. He stands behind the show Vysehrad and is currently preparing another show about sports, which should go on online in May.

TOPIC: Lavi for sale: online show Vysehrad on a roll

Lavi is a phenomenon of the Internet. The new television OBBOD introduced its original miniseries about a football show-off, and he immediately became the darling of teenagers. Viewers are seeking (and finding) all possible illegal ways to watch the show, the producer has big plans with the new hero. What are they, what can threaten them, how is it to work with a fictional celebrity and what opportunities does it offer for brands, and which are they.

Producer Daniel Strejc will discuss this and more with PIAF Director Marek Hlavica.


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