J. Král, P. Král YouTuber, Manager
(Czech Republic)

Jiri Kral

Jiri is one of the most famous YouTubers in the Czech Republic, he has been making a living out of making videos for over two years. He makes primarily gaming videos and daily vlogs. He has over 820,000 followers on Youtube, and more people follow him on Instagram than TV star Leos Mares. Last year, Forbes magazine named him the most influential Czech on social media, and ranked him among the 30 Czechs under 30. He publishes his own comics and at the end of 2016 he and his brother opened a gaming café and the recording studio Zetka in the Kotva department store. Among the companies with which he collaborates on the long-term are Red Bull, Alza or Microsoft.


Petr Kral

He has been active in the world of marketing since 1997, devoting most of his professional life to e-commerce. In the past 2 years he has entered the world of YouTube, primarily thanks to his brother, who he actively helps with marketing and communication with brands. They have recently started building larger projects stepping out of YouTube. He also helps two more Youtubers, namely Shopaholic Nicol and his sister Katka. He also co-owns a bistro in Prague and is a partner in the investment fund Reflex Capital, he was invited to join it in the second half of 2016 by his former chief Ondřej Fryc.

TOPIC: "The Krals" of YouTube

Jirka Kral is the most successful YouTuber in the Czech Republic. His sister, also a YouTuber, was recently awarded a prize from the industry. And their lesser known brother Peter is the architect of the economic and marketing success behind Jirka Kral. Jirka has his own label, he rented a floor in the department store Kotva, collaborates with prestigious brands.

What is necessary in order to monetize a successful YouTuber, where are the limits? Is it a temporary trend or a permanent phenomenon? How difficult is it to step out from the Internet into the real world? Both brothers discuss with Ondrej Aust.


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