Jai Kotecha Head of Digital, Social and Content, Ogilvy London
(United Kingdom)

His primary role is senior strategic & client lead across key accounts whilst overseeing the content practice to drive the agencies digital capabilities.

He has over 15 years' experience having worked with industry-leading clients and agencies in Sydney and London.  Jai has worked with leading brands including Unilever, Nestle, AMEX, Tesco, Volkswagen, Warner Music and Philips.

Jai is an active member of the IAB and DMA Social Media council and has previously been involved with WOMMA UK. He has a keen interest in influencer brand advocacy.

TOPIC: The evolution of influence

Marketers have been talking about influence and influencers since the dawn of media. Today’s Social world has turbocharged interest in who, what and where encourages consumers to recognize, choose or advocate brands. It is a truism that we have moved from a world of deference into a new, people driven age of reference where anyone, anywhere and anytime can be an influencer. This a golden time where a Tweet from Stephen Fry can allegedly crash your ecommerce site in seconds. In this new world, ‘Earned’ is king.
What if audiences have evolved into an age of relevance? A place where ‘Socialized’ celebrity endorsement and box ticking ‘blogger outreach’ fails in silence? Have the old ‘best practices’ become the worst thing you can do? Is UGC now a four-letter word? What does relevance mean in a world where consumers are subject to thousands of brand messages a day, and remember only a handful?
Join Oglivy’s Jai Kotecha as he reveals how influence has changed and how it can work for, or against, brands.


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