Jan Schmid Head of Quantitative Research, Perfect Crowd
(Czech Republic)

Jan Schmid started working with the concept of opinions back at the very beginning of his marketing-research career. While daily finding and addressing opinion leaders, he came up with his own methodology and theory. He cooperated with such brands as Krušovice, LG, J&T Banka , VZP and others to help them work with opinion-leaders.

Jan has been involved in marketing research for over a decade. He is experimenting with mining and processing data from social media and looking for interconnections with conventional research techniques. He has found the right environment for his experiments in Perfect Crowd where he currently leads the quantitative research.

TOPIC: Looking for opinion leaders in online communities

What does it really mean: opinion leader? Who are they and how can you find them? Is your field suitable for working with opinion leaders? And why do we actually need them? Those are some of the questions that Jan will try to answer at PIAF.