Jindřich Trapl Partner at Virtoox
(Czech Republic)

Geek at heart, manager by profession. Motivation and idea leader. Jindrich has been involved in the field of visualization and live design for over 15 years. He was one of the pioneers in VJing in the Czech Republic and today he runs a company with projects all over the world and an office in New York. Last year he launched the new project VIRTOOX through which he focuses on virtual reality and immersive technology, especially in the area of marketing and corporate presentations.

TOPIC: Workshop - Virtual reality for business

Technologies brought us virtual and augmented reality. The possibility to move to another time, another environment, creating fantastic worlds and experiences isn’t for Hollywood only anymore. In commercial communication, VR acquires the status of an accessible tool with unknown boundaries. This workshop will give you the chance to look into it, find out what possibilities VR can offer to corporate presentations, corporate events or in building brands and how to expand marketing opportunities in areas you hadn’t dared dream of.