Jiří Dužár Digital & Strategy manager, CzechTourism
(Czech Republic)

Before moving to the United States, Jiri lived in Ireland, Norway and the Czech Republic, travelled in more than 35 countries, studied in Turkey for a year and hitchhiked 20,000 km around the Middle East.  For the past 4 years, he's been with CzechTourism working on digital campaigns, websites and mobile apps development. At this point, he is responsible for marketing the Czech Republic as a holiday and business tourism destination in the United States and Canada. He executes digital, influencer & social media strategies and works with lifestyle and special interest media as well as with bloggers and vloggers in order to boost customer engagement on the Visit Czech Republic's Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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TOPIC: The Rise of Destination Marketing through Influencers

Jiri will talk about travel brands and how they leverage influencer generated content to engage potential customers via social media. With Instagram and Snapchat being the trending leaders in visual content, pictures and video have become the default format through which social media users communicate. But visual content can be a challenge on the production side. Jiri will discuss how CzechTourism expands its library of original content with photos or videos from influencers.