M. Tošenovský, M.Hillová Owner, Event Specialist Leemon Concept
(Czech Republic)

Martin Tošenovský, Owner, Leemon Concept

He is the man responsible for the execution of strategic steps in over 100 communications solutions. He now holds the position of specialist in connecting radical and traditional marketing tools in new media. In the Leemon agency, Martin focuses in proactive marketing concepts. In 2015 he was nominated to represent the Czech Republic in the IMC European Awards jury.

Monika Hillová, Event Specialist, Leemon Concept

Monika is a spirited event manager, implementer and tamer of experiential events. New blood on the field of events. She is the woman responsible for the implementation of new challenges and the execution of campaigns.

TOPIC: Going bananas for ping-pong

The ambition of every sports segment is to attract new and young blood. We went into it like one man. We gave it all. A creative and mostly an effective way. Learn how thousands of children came to run around the table. How experiential activation made Europe hit the ball. Instructions? Proactivity, intuition, timing.