Marek Tesař COV, Marketing consultant
(Czech Republic)

Marek has been working in marketing and advertising for almost twenty years. His main interest lies in sports and in finding ways for brands to reach fans and active sportsmen.

In 1997 he founded the company Raul, which is still focusing on sports marketing, its biggest projects are the Jizerská 50, Ski-tour, Primátorky and Běhej lesy. His professional career is mainly linked to the Ogilvy Group Prague, where he co-founded OgilvyAction, in 2005 the Mather Group and in 2013 he introduced to the market Geometry Global.

In the past three years he led the marketing department for the Czech Olympic Committee, where he was responsible, among other things, for the Olympic parks, the Czech House in Rio de Janeiro and activation projects, among which the most prominent are the biggest running event in the Czech Republic - T-Mobile Olympic run - and the Sazka Olympic All-Around for primary schools. He now continues working for the COC as a consultant for marketing.

He was for several years a member of the Presidium of the Czech Communications Agency (AKA) and while there he was head of the section Activation agencies. He lectures about Sports marketing at universities and is currently helping start up the subject of sports marketing at the school of economics VSE.

TOPIC: Re-fresh T-Mobile's Olympic run

How did the Czech Olympic Committee manage to introduce the Olympic run with the help of partners T-Mobile and Czech Radiozurnal? Is it possible to enter the already saturated market of running races with a new product? What are the needs that this project was meant to satisfy in relation to the Olympic Committee and both partners and how did it work out? What means were used to attract the attention of young athletes and runners? Did this sports product manage to generate revenue?