Paul Arnold Trainer, Facilitator and Strategic Planner
(United Kingdom)

Following a degree in Psychology, and a Post Grad in Marketing, Paul donned a sandwich board with the words, "I’m p..p..Paul and I want a job in advertising”. Following International TV and Press coverage (things like this were quite rare back in 1983!), Paul landed a job at Saatchi & Saatchi where he stayed for 14 years, where he ran European accounts such as P&G, Reckitts, Gillette, HP, and Walt Disney. He then jumped in 1997 to join Grey and run GSK’s Global Toothpaste accounts, before leaving in 2009 to set up his own consultancy.  

Paul has been both an account man and a strategic planner. He also has an MBA, an MSc in Change and is a Master Practitioner in NLP.

To top it all, he still has time to help raise four children and continues to rows competitively.

TOPIC: Workshop - Behavioral Economics

Driving profitable behavior change towards your brand

(Can you afford to miss out to your competitors?)

Behavioral Economics is the study of what actually drives consumer behavior. Sometimes seemingly irrelevant factors strongly influence the choices we make. By better understanding these forces we can help positively (& ethically) influence a brand's health. In this 90 minute workshop, Paul will explain and illustrate the 2 guiding questions and some of the key principles of Behavioural Economics. The workshop will be peppered with fun experiments and real life examples from the world of marketing. We will invite audience members to also contribute some local examples as well.

Key learning outtake 
An understanding of the key principles of behavioral economics (including its strengths & weaknesses)
Some tangible applications of these principles to the marketing of brands.

Every Agency/Client needs to understand behavioral economics and neuroscience to ensure they maximize these applications for their (and their client’s) business. Other agencies have made it a critical learning path - so to stay competitive and not lose out….