Shots in the dark - Worst Practice
(Czech Republic)

Jan Jelínek

Jan began his marketing career during his studies, and after graduating from the University of Management IT and Economics in 2009, he entered the McCann network for the first time as Digital Specialist. In 2011 he left the agency and tried various positions in various agencies such as Loosers Prague, 2Fresh Prague, Sinner&Shrader, and Zaraguza, where he worked for 3 years as Creative Director on brands Jack Daniel’s, Maybelline, Skoda, Maggi, Heineken , Axe and more. In 2016, Jan returned to McCann, this time as Executive Creative Director. His goal? Find out what is advertising all about.


Marek Hlavica

PIAF Director, Executive Chairman at AKA, consultant. He worked his way from journalism to PR, where he spent five years consolidating and leading the Agency Impact (now Pleon Impact). He worked at managerial positions for Philip Morris, CEZ, Citibank and Pilsner Urquell. He gained experience in the media, in agencies and on the client side. He’s also a singer and a moderator. He did things he is proud of, he made mistakes from which he (hopefully) learned something.


Tomáš Otradovec

Executive Producer & Partner at Toaster Pictures Prague, member of ADC, and winner of the golden “Ohníček" for his contribution to Czech advertising. Previously he was Creative Director at McCann Prague and at Kaspen/Jung von Matt.


Ondřej Krátký

Graduated from the University of Economics in Prague, when he was 28 he won a golden award at the world's largest competition for young creative artists - the festival Cannes Lions - and after 5 years he quit his career to help establish the acclaimed Czech start-up Liftago, one of the best ranked taxi applications in Europe, which aims to provide an alternative to private cars in city centers.






TOPIC: Shots in the dark - Worst practice

Conferences are similar in one thing, they all tell you “how to”, aka Best Practice. But perhaps people learn from another type of experience: how NOT to. Take a look at the confessions of several leading experts who are not afraid to admit their mistakes. By acknowledging their own failure they managed to move forward. With them you will learn how NOT to. It will then be up to you to figure out HOW TO.


Jan Jelínek, Creative Director at McCann Prague

Only few people in Prague made as many mistakes in advertising as I did


Marek Hlavica, PIAF Director, AKA Executive Chairman and Consultant

How I fell in love with my own idea


Tomáš Otradovec, Executive Producer and Partner, Toaster Pictures Prague

Ego je nejhorší rádce


Ondřej Krátký, co-founder of Liftago

How I did marketing before developing a great service