Tomáš Kučera Marketing Director and PR CEZ Motor Ceske Budejovice
(Czech Republic)

Ever since his rebirth in 2013, Thomas "Kohy" Kucera has been Director of Marketing and PR for the most popular hockey club in Europe outside of the biggest league: the CEZ Motor Ceske Budejovice.

He started as a fan in the stands, then went on writing on the club’s webpage, for which he received several awards. He worked for two years as PR Manager and Spokesman for HC Sparta Praha, he saw two championship titles during that time. He then worked 6 years in TV Nova and Nova Sport as Sports Editor, Reporter, Anchorman and eventually Commentator for NHL games and hockey games at the Olympics. He loves exploring the history of hockey, he translates sports programs, writes for sports publications, leads media trainings, he is also a counselor in his hometown, he plays football and 15 years ago he co-founded and still organizes the festival of British humor Trpaslicon. He has one wife, two children, one dog and two cats. And enjoys every single day.

TOPIC: The South Bohemian Hockey Miracle

How did a hockey club emerge from the ruins of a team that used to play at the highest level practically since its establishment in 1928, only to be dissolved by its owners nearly 90 years later and moved to another city, together with its players, coaches, multimedia display, skate grinders and chairs? How did the peaceful south Bohemians become the most passionate hockey fans, and the most numerous to attend the second highest competition games in Europe? Tomas Kucera, Marketing and PR Director at CEZ Motor Budějovice Czech will tell you all about it.