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May 23rd-24th 2017


Trade Fair Palace 1925-1928

It was back then the largest reinforced concrete building of its kind in the world, also one of the first official buildings built in the emerging functionalist style. It served its purpose until 1939, when the German imperial authorities took it over and used it as a gathering place for Jews, before they were deported to concentration camps.

After the war, the venue’s function was restored, although the last fair was held back in 1949. In 1951, the palace was rebuilt with minor modifications to become an administrative building. In 1974 the palace suffered a fire, several floors were completely destroyed. In 1978, it was decided the building would be reconstructed for the needs of the National Gallery in Prague. Its doors opened in 1995.

The festival is taking place on the premises of the former underground television studio, where the first private television on the territory of the Eastern Bloc operated in the early 90’s. The site is now closed to the public.

Today, the National Gallery presents in the Trade Fair Palace a collection of Czech and international art from the past two centuries, including a rare collection of French Cubism.

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This architectural icon of the liberal sixties was built in 1969 as a leading international hotel, located near the large park Stromovka. In 2015, it was carefully restored in order to maintain most of its historic features and contemporary style.

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How to access it


Studio Hrdinů, The National Gallery in Prague - Trade Fair Palace

Dukelských hrdinů 47
170 00 Praha 7 - Holešovice

Public transport

metro: line C station Vltavská
Tram: no. 17, 12 stop Veletržní palác

By car

Parking - paid parking in front of the hotel Parkhotel


PIAF 2017 is held under the auspices of Prague's mayor Adriana Krnáčová.

Conference SPORT 2017 is held under the auspices of Chairman of the Czech Olympic Committee - Jiří Kejval.