Conference Sport 2017


Once again Prague will welcome experts in sports marketing from several European countries. Visitors to the international conference PIAF SPORT 2017 will be able to learn about sponsorship strategies for brands like Puma, Adidas or Pilsner Urquell. On the other hand, Czech and foreign sports marketers will share their successful projects in working with fans and partners.

On the first day of the international PIAF conference, on May 23rd, the Studio Hrdinu at the Prague National Gallery - Trade Fair Palace – will become the meeting place for professionals in sports marketing. This is the second year in a row PIAF is devoting a full day to this specific issue, and this time the focus will be on creating sports brands, brands for sports clubs, events or facilities, and the following process of making a profit out of it in cooperation with sponsors. Inspirational case studies will attract both sides - sports managers and sponsors.

"We want to disrupt the deep-rooted notion that only big sports can have a big support. That only clubs and athletes competing for medals have enough fans and sponsors. That success in sports generates interest and money, while in less successful times, both automatically disappear," says PIAF Director Marek Hlavica.

Among the top professionals who have helped many renowned and lesser-known athletes and sports organizations, PIAF will welcome Karl Lusbec (Fr.), Joachim Lange (Ger.) and Kristian Götsch (Switzerland). How to work with fans will be the main topic for the reborn hockey club from Ceske Budejovice as well as for the Dutch premier league football team FC Groningen.

The agency Leemon will present its campaign to recruit young table tennis players, which became successful on the European level. Olympic medal holder Vavrinec Hradilek will talk about an athlete’s authenticity and its value.

Philip Mitchelson, author of the global online game Copa90, will give an insight into the possibilities offered by iSport to partners and sports clubs.

The conference Sport 2017 is primarily intended for sports managers at all levels, communication and marketing agencies, and sponsors.


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PIAF 2018 is held under the auspices of Prague's mayor - Adriana Krnáčová.